Urfi Javed is not getting a house on rent, told why all Hindus and Muslims are refusing

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Urfi Javed Controversy: Urfi Javed often remains in headlines due to her strange clothes and fashion sense. For this reason, he is often trolled on social media. A complaint has also been filed against him for spreading obscenity. But this time Urfi is caught in a new trouble. Actually he is looking for a house on rent in Mumbai but no one is ready to give him a house on rent. Urfi said that no one, Muslim or Hindu, is giving them a house on rent.

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Social media influencer Urfi Javed has expressed his pain on Twitter. He wrote, “Muslims are not giving me a house because of my clothes, while Hindus are not giving me a house because I am a Muslim. Some people are refusing to give houses due to political threats. It is really difficult to find a house in Mumbai.”

Users are giving different reactions to this tweet of Urfi. One user wrote that he is also facing this problem. Urfi writes on this, “This happens every time. Singles, actresses and Muslims do not get houses.

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This tweet of Urfi Javed is becoming quite viral. So far more than eight lakh people have seen this tweet of his. Some users are asking them to buy their house while some are also advising them to wear clothes properly. Some people are sympathizing with Urfi and saying that she should have the right to rent a house. So there some users are seen taking a jibe at Urfi’s post.

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One user wrote, “What do you need for a rental apartment, you are a flying angel. Become a bird, fly around in the sky.

At the same time, another user wrote, “All this had to be thought first. There is always a reaction to the action.

One user has even advised him to shift to Pune or any other city. It remains to be seen whether Urfi gets an apartment on rent or not and if she doesn’t get a house, what will she do next?

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