New Delhi, Jnn. Urfi Javed Viral Video: Those who follow Bigg Boss OTT contestant Urfi Javed know that she was chilling in Goa for the past few days. The social media users were stunned to see the airport look of Urfi who always stunned with her dress and look. This time people saw something that they did not believe in their eyes, but they have to believe because this alias Javed can do anything.

Actually, while returning from Goa to Mumbai, Urfi was wearing torn shorts with swimsuit. As soon as paparazzi’s favorite Urfi came out of the airport, people surrounded her. People’s eyes were torn after seeing that Urfi was not wearing anything in the parasols, she was walking barefoot at the airport. On asking, she said that I am very scared.

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Urfi told Paps that I had so much fun in Goa now my eyes are not opening. When asked about walking barefoot at the airport, she said that I had brought heels, but now I do not have the courage to wear it. Due to being without slippers, his feet look very dirty. As soon as these videos went viral on social media, users started enjoying Urfi. Sometimes plastic, safety pins and sometimes only flowers are pasted instead of clothes, this style of Urfi coming out is also unique.

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Seeing this new look of Urfi Javed in the video that surfaced, now people are saying that no matter what happens, she does not miss the opportunity to be in the headlines every time. One user has written, ‘Hey madam, she would have worn chappals.’ Similarly, people are also commenting about her swimsuit experiment. So someone is asking whether the night has come down?

Edited By: Ruchi Vajpayee