Kyiv, ANI. Jill Biden, the wife of US President Joe Biden, arrived in Ukraine without a program on Sunday and met Ukraine’s First Lady Olena Zelenska there. The wives of the presidents of the two countries met at a school for the children of refugees in the city of Uzhorod in western Ukraine. Jill Biden had previously visited Romania and Slovakia in an itinerary announced in support of Ukraine. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also suddenly arrived in Kyiv on Sunday.

Jill Biden and Trudeau have arrived in Ukraine amid fierce attacks by Russian forces in eastern Ukraine and Kharkiv. He encouraged the Ukrainian government and its citizens to carry out activities to normalize life in the midst of the war. Biden said, she wanted to come to Ukraine on Mother’s Day to encourage the women living there. They can fulfill their responsibilities with more bravery.

While Prime Minister Trudeau arrived in the city of Irpin, Ukraine. The city, close to the capital Kyiv, was captured by Russian forces at the beginning of the war. But later emptied it and went back. After the departure of the Russian army, many bodies riddled with bullets were found here. In Irpin, Trudeau saw the destruction of the war.

Russian bombing of school building in Ukraine leaves 60 dead

A school building was destroyed in Russian bombings on Sunday in eastern Ukraine’s Luhansk region. 60 people are feared dead and many more injured in this attack. Ukraine has described the people taking shelter in the building as civilians, while Russia has described them as a group of fighters who were staying at the school to avoid attack by Russian forces. This group was attacking the Russian army when it got a chance.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has said that its forces have destroyed a Ukrainian military warship near Odessa in the past 24 hours. In addition, four fighter aircraft, four attack helicopters and one attack boat have been destroyed. While the Ukrainian military said it had foiled nine Russian military strikes in Donsk and Luhansk. During this, 19 tanks and 20 armored vehicles have been destroyed. Luhansk governor Serhi Gaidai said the school, located in a rural area, was bombed by Russian fighter jets in the evening.

There were more than 90 people present when the school building was bombed. The attack destroyed the building and caught fire, which was brought under control in four hours. Most of the people are trapped under the rubble of the collapsed building. Several hours after the fire was extinguished, only seven of the injured could be rescued. The work of clearing the debris started on Sunday when 30 injured could be pulled out. So far two bodies have been found in the rubble.

Edited By: Arun Kumar Singh