Vakri Guru 2022: From July 29, the reverse movement of the planet Jupiter will bring happiness in the lives of these zodiac signs

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Vakri Guru 2022: According to astrology, on July 29, the planet Jupiter is going to be retrograde. With the retrograde of the planet Jupiter, positive changes are going to happen in the lives of some zodiac signs.

special things

  • Guru is considered an auspicious planet.
  • Guru retrograde is considered auspicious for these zodiac signs.
  • Positive change will come in life.

Vakri Guru 2022: From the point of view of astrology, the month of July is considered very special. In fact, in July, Jupiter Planet is going to move in reverse. According to astrological calculations, Jupiter will retrograde on 29th July and will return to normal position on 24th November 2022. Before this, it will transit in Pisces in October. In astrology, the planet Jupiter is considered to be the factor of education, wealth, happiness, married life and children. According to astrology, for which zodiac signs Vakri Guru (Vakri Guru 2022) are going to be auspicious.

Cancer- In retrograde phase, Jupiter is going to enter the 9th house of this zodiac. With its auspicious effect, happiness is going to increase. You can get a new job offer during this time. There is a possibility of getting the benefit of promotion in the current job. Businessmen may expand in business. You can get benefit from ancestral property.

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Taurus- Jupiter will retrograde in the 11th house of this zodiac. The 11th house is considered to be of income. In such a situation, there will be a strong possibility of increase in income during Jupiter retrograde. Businessmen can profit from business. Apart from this, daily income can increase. Married life will be happy. Students will get the sum of success in competitive examination. Additional accountability can be found at the workplace. It can be beneficial in future.

Aquarius- In the second house of this zodiac, the planet Jupiter is going to be retrograde. Those doing business during the period of Jupiter retrograde can get additional benefits. Along with this, the sum of expansion in business will be made. The relationship of unmarried people can be fixed. Life partner will get support in married life. During this, the financial situation can be strong.

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Gemini- The retrograde of the planet Jupiter is considered auspicious for the people of this zodiac. There will be potential for positive change in the job. There can be financial gains from business. You can get full enjoyment of married life. Relations with partners in business will be cordial.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on general assumptions and information. NDTV does not confirm this.)

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