New Delhi, Vastu Tips For Tulsi: Tulsi plant has special significance in Hinduism. It is believed that Bhog to Lord Vishnu is incomplete without Tulsi. The house in which Tulsi is worshiped as the form of Goddess Lakshmi. There is never any shortage of money and grains. Along with this, consuming basil leaves destroys many diseases. At the same time, many rules related to Tulsi have been told in Vastu Shastra. According to Vastu Shastra, Tulsi has such qualities that also give an indication about the upcoming events in the future. For this, you just have to guess by looking at the condition of the Tulsi plant.

According to Vastu Shastra, it is believed that in the house where any trouble is about to come, then Mother Lakshmi goes first. Because Maa Lakshmi never resides in a place of poverty, unrest, tribulation. Apart from this, Tulsi starts giving indications even when the condition of the planets is bad.

sudden drying of basil

If the green Tulsi plant planted in the house suddenly withers and starts drying up, then it is a sign of trouble. However, sometimes the basil plant dries up due to excessive cold or due to not being properly maintained. But despite care, if the Tulsi plant is drying up, then know that the planet Mercury is a sign of weakness. It is believed that when Mercury starts having a bad effect on a person, it also affects the Tulsi present in the house, due to which it starts drying up.

According to Vastu Shastra, people whose horoscope is having bad effect of Ketu, then Tulsi starts indicating that too. If a bird builds a nest above the Tulsi plant, then understand that the ill-effects of the horoscope have started falling on your life.

According to Vastu, drying of Tulsi or falling of Tulsi can also be the reason for Pitra Dosh. It is believed that if a person has Pitra Dosh, then the Tulsi present in the house also dries up due to its effect.

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