VIDEO of cobra swallowing snake: Two and a half feet long wall snake was swallowed alive in Narmadapuram, died of suffocation

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In Narmadapuram, the VIDEO of a cobra has surfaced while spewing a snake. In this, a 5 feet long cobra snake, 2.5 feet wide snake is seen spewing from the mouth. Diwad died, after which it was burnt. At the same time, the cobra was released into the forest.

This video is from Thursday night. It took Sarpamitra 10 minutes to rescue it. Actually, in the house of Vinay Tiwari, living in Dudugaon near Itarsi, a snake of cobra species was hidden among the grain sacks. When the eyes of the family members went on this, then Sarpamitra informed Rohit Yadav.

When the snake friend pressed the back part, it spewed
Rohit caught the cobra snake by rescue in 10 minutes. During the rescue, there was not much movement in the cobra and due to excess weight, Rohit pressed the back of the cobra, then he spewed the snake (Sendua). During this, the local people made its video. The cobra was released into the forest of Tawanagar.

Sarpamitra Rohat Yadav caught the cobra sitting between the grain sacks in about 10 minutes.  Then pressed its back side.

Poisonous snakes eat snakes without poison
Sarpamitra Rohit Yadav told that cobra is poisonous and nimble snake. Deewar (Sendua) is not poisonous and is sluggish. Most of the poisonous species of snakes eat snakes without venom or other species. Venomous snakes bite each other in a fight. Due to which snakes without venom would become unconscious. During this, poisonous snakes swallow him.

Sarpamitra told that the cobra had swallowed the Diwad snake.  When the back part of the cobra was pressed, it spewed it to the wall.

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