VIDEO of Firing in Central Mexico Bar: 10 Dead; 19 people lost their lives in a similar incident in March

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Firing took place on Thursday at a bar in central Mexico. In this 10 people died. According to reports, the attacker started firing indiscriminately as soon as he entered the bar. During this, there was chaos among the people present in the bar.

A video of the incident is going viral. People can be heard shouting in it. Some people are even shown running. The sound of gunshots is also very clearly heard.

police engaged in investigation
A police officer said- We reached the spot with the team as soon as we got the information about the attack. So far the real reason for this firing is not known. It is believed that it was a gang war. It was done out of a sense of vengeance. We are probing the incident.

19 people died in a similar incident in March

  • A similar incident happened in May. A similar attacker started firing in a hotel and 2 bars in the city of Celaya, Mexico. 10 people died in the attack.
  • In a similar incident in March, 19 people had died. Many were injured. The incident happened during a function in Las Tinajas, Michoacan state. In February also there was a major attack in Michoacan, in which 17 people were killed.
  • In January, 6 members of a family were murdered in a rural community in the state of Guanajuato.

Worst conditions in Mexico since 2007
Shootings are common in Mexico. The reason for this is believed to be drug smuggling. Incidents of such gang wars keep coming to the fore between the gangs involved in these incidents. Crimes such as violence and gang war have increased in Mexico since 2007. In 2007, former President Felipe Calderon fired the army to fight the drug mafia. Since then, violence in Mexico had intensified, which is still not taking its name to stop.

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