VIDEO of Kedarnath Dham, Raipur: The youth prepared a pandal by adding 2000 pieces of flax, Lord Shiva with Mother Durga inside

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After almost two years, the glory of Durga Puja has returned in Raipur city. In the Mathpurina area, some youths together have prepared such a pandal, seeing which everyone stops. The pandal is built like the Kedarnath temple. Maa Durga and Lord Shiva are seen inside this pandal. This pandal has been built by the youth of Nav Jagriti Durga Utsav Samiti.

Panda Sita Ram Sahu, who worshiped Mother Durga in this pandal, told that Yogendra Vishwakarma, who lives in Mathpuraina, has prepared the concept of this pandal. We all often used to watch photo-videos of Kedarnath Dham on mobile. This thought also comes in the mind to go there, but not everyone is capable enough to travel that far. That is why we have prepared the form of that holy abode here.

this is how the idea came
Sita Ram told that now people come here, they see the temple carefully. are left surprised. Look at its walls. Actually we have made it by adding 2000 pieces of flax print. These pieces are printed like the same stones as the walls of Kedarnath Dham. When viewed from the light side, the pandal looks similar to the original pictures of Kedarnath Dham on the Internet. It has been made by the people of the locality with the hard work of 10 to 12 days.

A pandal built in Nayapara area.

Mother’s hut is also being liked
Yuva Mandal Ganeshotsav Samiti has prepared a hut in Naya Para area. The description of the place where the sages lived in the Indian scriptures. This pandal has been prepared in the same way. A hut-like pandal has been prepared by mixing it with dry grass and bamboo. Inside it is an idol of Maa Durga. People passing by this pandal also do not move forward without capturing this scene in their mobile camera.


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