Anuppur, State Bureau. Madhya Pradesh Food and Supplies Minister Bisahulal Singh’s words towards the women of the upper caste society deteriorated. Minister Bisahulal Singh said on Wednesday at the women’s felicitation function in Funaga village that both men and women should work equally. Women need to be brought out. Especially the upper caste society, which keeps the women of their house locked in the closet, does not allow them to go out to work. Especially the big Thakurs and some other big people, they all lock the women of their house in the closet.

Said this about women’s rights

In the program, the minister was talking about the rights of women. Minister Bisahulal Singh also said that if equality is to be brought in the society, then capture the upper caste women and take them out. The women of the village cut paddy, smear cow dung and do other work. They work here, don’t they.. Hey brother, when women have equal rights with men and women, then both should work equally. Now all recognize yourself and join hands with men, you come forward… and take out all the big Thakur-Vakur’s women from their house and take them out… should do. Only then women will not move forward.

The minister has been in the headlines for his rhetoric in the past as well.

It is worth mentioning that Sarvajan Sukhay Samajik Sanstha had organized a women’s honor ceremony at the sports stadium of Funaga village. Bisahulal was the chief guest. Minister Bisahulal Singh’s remarks made on the women of the upper caste society are becoming very viral in the internet media. The minister has been in the headlines in the past for his rhetoric.

Edited By: Arun Kumar Singh