VIDEO: ‘Umran just do this much, then you will rule the world cricket’, Mohammad Shami gave ‘Gurumantra’ to the young fast bowler

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Mohammed Shami Interview With Umran Malik: Team India’s young fast bowler Umran Malik has impressed everyone with his speed. Recently he became the Indian pacer to bowl the fastest ball in T20. Now India’s premium bowler Mohammed Shami has given great advice to the young bowler from Jammu. Shami also said that if Umran makes these improvements in his bowling, then he can rule the world cricket.

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Please tell that Umran Malik may have impressed everyone with his speed but questions still arise regarding his line-length. Meanwhile, the BCCI has shared a video on social media, in which Mohammed Shami is seen giving advice to Umran.

Umran will rule the world cricket?

While talking to Umran Malik on BCCI.TV, Mohammed Shami advised him that “I want to give only one piece of advice. I don’t think it is easy to play against the pace you have. We just need to work a little bit on line and length. If we get control of it, we can rule the world. You have great power, and the future is bright. Best wishes for you, hope you do well.

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In the video, Umran asks Shami how he remains so calm during the match to which the veteran bowler replied, “When you are playing for the country, you should not put pressure on yourself.” You should keep believing in your skills. You falter when under pressure. But, when you stay calm and trust your skills, you have a better chance of executing your plans. When you are doing well, the importance of focus is more.

Mohammed Shami further said that in limited overs cricket, any bowler can be beaten, so there is no need to worry. But trust your skills and keep an eye on the pitch and bowl accordingly.

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