VIDEO: When the DEO scolded the girls who came on the road to stop the transfer of the teacher, they started crying bitterly, said – they used to teach, they were also removed

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In Chhattisgarh’s Bilaspur, children’s attachment to a teacher was such that as soon as they were transferred, anger erupted and the girls came out on the road. The students gheraoed the collectorate and started demanding cancellation of the transfer order of the teacher. During this, the District Education Officer (DEO) started reprimanding the girl students on the contrary saying that the teacher’s sponsored movement, then the girls started crying bitterly while giving their explanation. The matter is of Government Girls School in Sipat area.

The girls told that there are 9 lecturers and 3 science assistant teachers in their school. Teacher Ajay Kumar Tamrakar is also posted with him in the school, who is handling the responsibility of two classes simultaneously and takes five periods each. Children are being educated only because of them. The rest of the teachers take classes on their own accord. In such a situation, he has now been transferred to Chapora School in Kota block. He used to teach, he has also been removed.

Students said – parents have sent collectorate
The girls, who reached the collectorate from Nehru Chowk, were wandering on the main road and were asking for the address of the collector’s office. Explaining their problems, the girl students said that quarterly examination is about to take place and the only teacher teaching in the school has been transferred without any reason. He informed his parents about this, then he advised to complain to the collector. The girls said that everyone has come here at the behest of the parents.

The DEO reprimanded after seeing the crowd of girl students.

The students told that seeing their crowd, DEO DK Kaushik had come to talk to them. As soon as he came, he told the students that the teacher has asked you guys to do this and sent them here. Hearing his words, the girls protested and started telling their problems, then DEO Kaushik got furious. However, later he talked about giving the application form to the girl students. Apart from this, the DEO has said that the allegations of the children are baseless. All the teachers are teaching. who have been transferred. He will be replaced by someone else.

Also told the problem to SDM.

The girls said – the rest of the school teachers do not care about studies
The girl students, who reached the collectorate, said that the teacher posted in the school, Ajay Kumar Tamrakar, is handling the school alone. The rest of the teachers in the school have nothing to do with studies. Whereas, Ajay sir handles many classes alone and concentrates on the studies of the children. After his transfer, school education will be ruined.

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