New Delhi, Jnn. Famous comedian Vir Das recently made a statement during a show in America that ‘I come from India where ‘women are worshiped during the day and gang raped in the night’. After this statement of Vir Das, there was a ruckus in India. From politicians to celebs gave their reaction on this statement of the comedian. Some also agreed with his statement and some outraged. Although seeing the matter increasing, Vir Das also apologized on this matter, but the anger of the people is still not calming down.

Now Vir Das has once again reacted on this whole matter. In a conversation with India Today, the comedian said, ‘My job is to make people laugh, if someone does not laugh at my joke, then they should not laugh’. Vir Das said, ‘I was just doing the show, the show was a complete pack, that was my audience and I had prepared the piece for them. You just hope that people in the room laugh at your words. I have come here to do my work and will continue to do so. I won’t stop doing this. My job is to make people laugh, if you don’t laugh then don’t laugh.

Vir Das apologized:

Seeing the matter escalating, Vir Das shared a post on his official Twitter account in which he apologized and said that ‘his intention was not to insult India. At the same time, the actor also said that he is proud to be an Indian. Vir Das wrote in his statement, ‘The video is talking about two people having different views about the same subject and it is not some kind of secret, which people do not know. Protest is being registered on my video, which is wrong. I am proud of my country and take that pride to another country. My intention was not to insult the country, but to remind that the country is great despite all its issues.

Edited By: Nazneen Ahmed