VIRAL: Girlfriend had to ‘cheat’ heavily, the man had to face punishment like this

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Viral: Love is the most beautiful thing in the world, which gives people a reason to live. However, love is as beautiful as it is painful. One sided love and getting cheated in love are such things that break a person. While some people get cheated in love and sit with the wounds of life, there are some people who do not rest until they take revenge on the deceitful lover or teach them a lesson. . A great example of this has been seen recently, whose photo is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

A photo is becoming fiercely viral on social media these days. In this, a man is seen standing in the market area and there is a big board around his neck. However, seeing what is written on the board will leave you laughing. Actually, that guy had allegedly cheated on his girlfriend. Whose punishment he had to suffer in such an interesting and funny way (funny viral pic).

Girlfriend had to ‘cheat’ heavily

This photo has been shared by a Twitter user named @hickzzz, which people are very much liked. This photo is being told of Liverpool, in which in the morning a boy was seen standing on the middle of the road with a leg around his neck. It was written on its board – “I cheated with my girlfriend on Thursday and this is my punishment.”

This photo is now going viral and people are giving different types of reactions on it. Along with this, it has got more than 70 thousand likes and more than eight thousand retweets.

Commenting on a user, wrote- ‘Cheating is a wrong thing. That girl should not forgive him at any cost’. At the same time, another person wrote – ‘Find another girlfriend, brother, she will not make you stand on the road like this by hanging a board around your neck’. Meanwhile, this photo is also being told as part of a marketing. See people’s reaction-

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