New Delhi, Jnn. You must have often seen dogs with leash around their neck. People keep their pet dogs wearing colorful leashes as a sign. Along with this, these leashes also help in walking the dogs outside. Dogs are known to be extremely alert and loving animals. Their videos and photos are often very attractive on social media. But a dog video that is going viral on the internet these days has come out completely different.

This device of the blind dog became a support

In this video going viral, a white colored dog is seen, who cannot see, a round iron strap is tied around his neck. Tied with nut-bolt, this strap comes through the throat to the front of the mouth, which is completely round. This device gives the dog an impression as soon as it hits a wall or any other object and the dog clouds its path. Indeed, it seems that this device has proved to be a boon for this dog.

Video of blind dog went viral

This video was shared on the social media platform Twitter with an account named Butengibiden. After which it started becoming increasingly viral. This video has got more than 1 million views. More than 47 thousand people have liked this video. Along with this, more than 5 thousand people have retweeted this video. This number is continuously increasing. Social media users are also commenting heavily on this video.

On this video, a social media user wrote, ‘Good luck to the one who made this device’ while another user wrote, ‘How good is this for this dog, it must have made his life easy’

Edited By: Ashish Singh Rajput