Viral Video: ‘Grandma’ accepted grandson’s challenge, showed the power of 25 at the age of 80

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Inspirational videos and photos of elderly people are often posted on social media, but seeing this recently viral video, your mouth will be wide open. The stamina of an 80-year-old ‘grandmother’ is being seen in the video.

It is said that if the will is strong, then a person can easily do even the biggest and most difficult tasks, even if you are of age, it does not come in the way. This can be gauged from a recent video viral on social media, in which an older woman can be seen doing deadlifts. Seeing this video viral on the Internet, users are appreciating the courage of ‘Grandma’.

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These days, the power of an 80-year-old ‘grandmother’ is being seen on the Internet. It is being told that the deadlift challenge was given to the elderly woman by her grandson, which ‘Grandma’ completed in swag and showed her strength even at the age of 80. Seeing the fitness of ‘Grandma’, the grandson also lost his sweat. In the first video, ‘Grandma’ is lifting the barbell on the roof. It is not everyone’s thing to lift so much weight at this age, while ‘Grandma’ seems to be lifting it by herself without any support. Looking at the video, it seems they are not having any problem lifting it. Now it is becoming very viral on social media, which netizens are not tired of praising.

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This video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with the name ‘punjabi_industry’, which is becoming increasingly viral. This has been seen by thousands of people in a few hours as soon as the video was posted. At present, this 7-second video has got about four and a half thousand views and more than 300 people have liked this video. Users are giving full reactions after watching the video. One user wrote, ‘Where did you get this video, she is my grandmother.’ However, where is this video from and who is the woman seen in the video, its information could not be clear.

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