New Delhi, Online Desk. One of the world’s greatest fast bowlers, the days when Pakistan’s Wasim Akram used to play cricket was like a nightmare for his rival batsmen. Akram, who has mastered the art of swinging the ball both ways, has now told how he would have bowled to former Indian captain and the great batsman of modern cricket Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli started his international cricket career in the year 2008, but Wasim Akram’s cricket career was over long before that. The way Akram was considered one of the great bowlers in his time, while Kohli is considered one of the best batsmen of this time. Wasim Akram told during a show how he would have bowled to this charismatic batsman of Team India. Interestingly, if these two icons had played cricket in the same era, Akram would have bowled in two ways against Kohli.

Akram said about Kohli that if Virat Kohli had come to bat at number three or four, that is, he would have been at the crease after the fall of two wickets. When he was new to the crease, I would attack him. For this, I would pitch the ball to the middle stump and swing it outside or towards him. On the other hand, if this method didn’t work against him, I would have worked on Plan B and would have thrown him a bouncer. I would put the fielder in the deep and throw the ball backwards. Creating chances like this to get Kohli out would have been beneficial. Let us tell you that Wasim Akram took 414 wickets in 104 Test matches for Pakistan, while in 356 ODIs he took a total of 502 wickets.

Edited By: Sanjay Savern