War again in the world: US intelligence said – Russia may attack Ukraine soon, its troops and weapons ready

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The tension between Russia and Ukraine is expected to turn violent soon. US intelligence report says that Russia may attack Ukraine soon and it has made extensive preparations for this. According to the report, the Russian army can take military action against Ukraine from different locations. This report from the US has come for the second time in recent months. Earlier, the report was rejected by Russia saying that the US was making false statements against it.

NATO countries warned
Bloomberg has published a report about US intelligence inputs. According to this- America has provided some maps along with intelligence information to its NATO allies. These suggest that Russian President Vladimir Putin has intentions to attack Ukraine. It is believed that Putin may order military action next year.

Can be attacked from different places
According to intelligence reports, Putin wants Ukraine to be attacked from different locations. For this, about 100 troops have been asked to be ready. It is believed that these battalions can attack through Crimea, Russia and Belarus. For this, about one lakh soldiers have been asked to be ready. The troops have been told to be prepared to face the icy conditions in Ukraine.

Putin’s denial
Last week, Russian President Putin denied in an interview that the Russian military was planning a strategy to occupy Ukraine. Along with this, Putin warned America and its allies not to force Russia to take strict steps. However, so far no one has been able to guess what is going on in Putin’s mind.

Earlier this month, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said – We have doubts about Russia’s military activities, but, at the moment we cannot say what Putin’s intentions are. On the basis of old things, it can be inferred that Russia can take some dangerous step.


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