Weather news: Monsoon starts farewell from Rajasthan, but heavy rain continues in Chhattisgarh, alert even today

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Monsoon has started in Rajasthan from Tuesday. Here in Chhattisgarh, it is raining heavily in various areas including the capital. According to the Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of heavy rain at one or two places on September 22. There is also a possibility of falling gaz in some places. According to experts, the rains these days are harmful for the paddy crop. Due to this there is a danger of falling paddy plants. Monsoon is also on the way to farewell in the state. Normally the monsoon rains last till 30 September.

So far, 1222 mm of rain has been received in the state, which is 11 percent more. Till now there was 1101. 1 mm of rain. Due to the formation of the system in the Gulf, it has been raining extensively for the last three days. The capital has received 21.3 mm of rain in the last 24 hours. According to the meteorologists of Meteorological Center Lalpur, a low pressure area has formed in and around North-East Madhya Pradesh. Light to moderate rain is likely at many places in the state on Thursday.

Heavy rain in Sipat and Ratanpur in 24 hours
In 24 hours, 11 cm of water fell in Sipat, 10 in Ratanpur, 6 cm in Lalpur. 5 cm rain was recorded in Bilaspur and Takhatpur, Patharia, Pusaur, Mainpur, Ambikapur, Akaltara and Dongargaon 4, Dongargarh, Pendrarod, Kurud, Masturi, Palari, Pendra. In many places less water has fallen than this.

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