Wedding Card: 89 years old wedding card viral, these things are written in Urdu, people are also surprised to read

IndiaWedding Card: 89 years old wedding card viral, these things are written...
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Old Wedding Cards: A recently viral 89 year old wedding card written in Urdu is attracting everyone’s attention on the internet these days. This wedding card is completely written in Urdu on white paper.

Wedding Card of 1933: With the changing times, the world is also changing. In today’s era of advanced technology, many things remain the subject of discussion, like take the wedding function itself. Changes are being seen in many things from earlier times till now, whether it is about the beauty and decorations in the wedding or the wedding cards. Many of you must have seen the wedding cards of your parents, but have you ever wondered how wedding cards would have been in the days of grandparents? These days, an 89-year-old wedding card written in Urdu is going viral on the Internet, seeing which everyone is surprised.

In fact, in advance technology, wedding cards are also being printed in different styles. In today’s time, wedding cards are available in different colors with many designs. At the same time, wedding cards were designed with simplicity and one color in earlier times as compared to today. Recently one such wedding card is attracting everyone’s attention on the internet. This wedding card is completely written in Urdu on white paper. It is being told that the marriage card of which is going viral on the internet, this marriage took place 89 years ago in 1933.

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The picture of this wedding card has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with the handle @SonyaBattla2. Posting this old wedding card, it is written in the caption, ‘Invitation card of my grandparents’ wedding in the year 1933.’ You can clearly see the Urdu calligraphy in the coffee brown shade card. In this, a person is writing a letter on April 23, 1933 for the invitation of his son’s marriage. It is written in it, ‘My respect to Prophet Mohammad. Respected Sir, God bless you and I thank God for this good time. The marriage of my son Hafiz Mohammad Yusuf has been fixed on Sunday, April 2, 1933.

It is further written in the card that, ‘I invite you to come to my house in Gali Kasim Jaan, from where we will go to the bride’s house in Kishanganj for Nikah. After this there will be a feast. Valima is of 24 April 1933. You come to my house by 10 am and be a part of Valima. And the groom’s father wrote that the procession would start at 11.30 am. You come home on time. More than 8 thousand people have liked this 89-year-old wedding card so far.

Seeing this wedding card going viral, users are giving different reactions. One user wrote, ‘Urdu is very beautiful.’ Another person wrote, ‘The bride’s name is missing.’ Another person wrote, ‘How cute it is written. Maybe someone will walk around the street with a register and the RSVP register will have a letter written on behalf of the invitee. The name of the bride is missing in this. The third user wrote, ‘Gali Kasim Jaan… Ghalib used to live here. It is very good to reach on time.

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