New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk, Weight Loss Exercises: Due to weight gain, there is a risk of many diseases, so if you want to stay healthy then you do not need to go to the gym, you can easily stay at your home with the help of furniture like sofa, table or chair. You can keep yourself fit by doing weight loss exercises.

1. Bench Ups

You can take the help of a sofa or a strong table in your home to do bench up exercises. Apart from this, this workout can also be done on the stairs of the house.

How to do Bench Ups?

To do this, you stand at a distance of about 2 hands from the bench, sofa or ladder. Now place your left foot on the bench and raise the body. Meanwhile, bend the right leg at 90 degrees and bring it down and then stand straight on the ground.

After this, you keep both your hands on the bench by bending forward and take your right leg back, then come back to your previous position. In this way, you should do this exercise with both the legs at least 10 times.

2. Knee-to-Knee Twist

How to do a knee-to-knee twist?

To do this exercise, sit on the sofa/bench/table slightly forward. Keep a gap of more than one hand between your two feet and keep both your hands near the head.

Now lift the right leg and touch the left elbow with its knees, then put the foot on the ground. Similarly lift the left leg and touch the right elbow, then keep it on the ground.

– This way you can do 15-20 times. This exercise is good for reducing belly fat.

3. Bench Dips

How to do Bench Dips?

To do this exercise, stand facing the opposite direction from the bench or sofa and take both your hands back and place them on the bench / sofa.

Now move your feet a little forward and do sit-ups with the help of bench/couch. This exercise is called bench dips. It is very best for weight loss because it gives a good workout to the muscles of your arms, abdomen and legs. Do this as many times as you can easily.

Pic credit– freepik

Edited By: Priyanka Singh