What disease struck cherry orchards?: Not known; Nauni University team returned with sample; Will test in the laboratory today

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The disease in cherry orchards in Baaghi area of ​​Shimla district is yet to be detected. The expert team constituted by the Vice Chancellor of Dr. YS Parmar Horticulture and Forestry University, Nauni has returned after visiting the Baaghi area. Today this team will submit its report to Vice Chancellor RS Chandel.

Now after examining in the laboratory of the university, an attempt will be made to find out which disease it is? What is the reason for this? What measures and spraying should be done to prevent it? Nothing has been clarified in the investigation so far. It is being told that this type of disease has been seen for the first time in cherry orchards in the state.

After an unknown disease, the fallen leaves were collected for examination.

Will investigate in laboratory: Gautam

HR Gautam, Director Research, Nauni University said that cherry samples have been taken from the Baghi area. Now we will investigate in the laboratory and will discuss with the team and find out the disease. He told that at this stage he will not be able to suggest the spray of medicine. Soon an advisory will be issued regarding this.

50 percent plants destroyed

About 50 percent of cherry plants in the Baaghi area have completely dried up. Due to this the whole plant is wilting. This disease is rapidly spreading in the surrounding gardens. This is increasing the concerns of the gardeners.

It is a matter of relief that at present this unknown disease is in Baaghi area. If it spreads to the adjoining areas like Kandiyali, Narkanda, Thanadar, Kumarsain etc., then it can be difficult to stop it.

Cherry orchards vulnerable to unknown disease.

Cherry garden of former Punjab CM in Narkanda

Former Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh also has a cherry orchard in the area adjoining Narkanda. The livelihood of a large number of gardeners in the surrounding areas is dependent on cherries. President of Plum Growers Association Deepak Singha has appealed to take appropriate steps to prevent this disease.

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