What is chat GPT, due to which even Google will be afraid, many people have become fans

IndiaWhat is chat GPT, due to which even Google will be afraid,...
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Chat GPT (Chat GPT) is called Chat Generative Pretrained Transformer in English.

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New Delhi:

Chat GPT: All about Chat GPT, what it is and how it works: What is Chat GPT… Many people must have heard this name. But will not be used. There would be crores of people who would not even know its name. People are searching on Google by writing Chat GPT Kya hai (what is chat GPT). Chat GPT (Chat GPT) is called Chat Generative Pretrained Transformer in English. This is called Open Artificial Intelligence (Open AI) has been created by. In common parlance it can be understood like this. Chat GPT Is a type of chat bot. Means such a bot that understands the question asked by you and prepares the answer in detail. Preparing answer. Get it. Searching is not bringing it to the fore as Google does. Google is a search engine and its utility is only there. Users report that Chat GPT Can be asked any question and it gives ready written answers through AI. This is the reason that Google must be feeling some danger from this application of Microsoft.

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Chat GPT Chat GPT was launched on 30 November 2022. Chat GPT official website chat.openai.com Is.

Chat bots like GPT are powered by massive amounts of data and computing techniques to create an answer by stringing words together in a meaningful way. They not only use vocabulary and information, but also understand words in their correct context.

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Other technology companies such as Google and Meta have developed their own language model tools, which answer questions asked using such programs. The interface that Open AI has prepared is being used directly by the general public. By the way, work is still going on and in some places it has also been found that the answers are not that satisfactory.

For the time being, Chat GPT is being used a lot in English language. But it will also work on Hindi and other languages. It is seen that the number of users of this chat GPT has reached almost 2 million.

Sharing their experiences of some people, they have told that they can write articles on any subject. Some people did not get much positive answer regarding this.
How Chat GPT started – According to the information available on the Internet, Chat GPT was started by Sam Altman and Elon Musk together in the year 2015. When Chat GPT started in 2015, it was a non-profit company but in 2017-18, Elon Musk left it midway. After Elon Musk left the company, Microsoft company owner Bill Gates invested a lot in it. Finally, on 30 November 2022, it was started as a prototype. Altman is the chief of Open Artificial Intelligence.

A special feature in this AI program Chat GPT is that there is an option that whether you are satisfied with the information provided by Chat GPT or not, if you select no then Chat GPT will modify your data and give you new data. Is. It repeatedly changes its results until the users are satisfied with the information given by it.

To use Chat GPT, any user must first visit their official website. There you will have to create an account after which Chat GPT can be used. As of now the company is not charging any fee for using Chat GPT.

Where can Chat GPT be used? In writing any type of content. Video content, biography etc..

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