Beijing/New Delhi, Online Desk. Pangong Lake, Finger-4 area and LAC are constantly being mentioned in the news regarding the India-China border dispute. Recently Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has also mentioned this. In February, it was being said that China has started vacating the Finger-4 area. It was also said that China has also started dismantling its construction work here. This was seen as a diplomatic victory for India. Do you know what is the role of this finger in the relations between the two countries. Why Finger-4 is important for India. Let us tell you about the whole finger area. Along with this, there is a dispute about LAC as well.

Finger big factor in India-China relations

1- There is still a complicated situation between India and China regarding Finger-4 and Finger-8. What are these fingers after all? Actually, for some years, China has been laying a network of roads along the banks of Pangong Lake. It was started by China when India was embroiled in the Kargil war with its neighboring country Pakistan in 1999. Then China took advantage of the opportunity and started construction of roads in this area. China had built a five kilometer long road on the banks of the lake in the border of India.

2- Actually, there are barren hills on the banks of Pangong Lake. They are called chhang chenmo in the local language. The raised part of these hills is called Finger by the Indian Army. The shape of the mountain on the banks of Pangong Lake is such that it looks like fingers. That’s why they are called fingers. Their total number is eight.

3- India claims that the border of the LAC is up to finger-8, while China claims that it is only up to finger-2. Eight years ago, the Chinese army tried to make permanent construction on Finger-4. At that time it was dismantled due to the opposition of India. India’s control is up to finger-4 only. There is a military post of China on Finger-8.

4- During patrolling, the army of both the countries face to face. After the latest tension, the Indian Army has increased its patrol to Finger-8. In May, there was a conflict between the soldiers of India and China in the area of ​​Finger-5. The Chinese army had stopped the Indian soldiers from advancing from Finger-4.

What is LAC after all?

The LAC is the line between India and China, which separates the borders of the two countries. The armies of both the countries continuously patrol in their respective areas along the LAC. The LAC dividing the India-China border is divided into three sectors. The first sector is from Arunachal Pradesh to Sikkim. The second sector is adjacent to Himachal Pradesh to Uttarakhand. The third sector is Ladakh. Eastern Ladakh forms the western sector of the LAC, which runs from the Karakoram Pass to Ladakh. To the south is Chumar, which is completely connected to Himachal Pradesh. This Pangong Lake is very close to the center of the 826 km border in eastern Ladakh.

Edited By: Ramesh Mishra