What is the problem with the government in making a law on MSP?

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New Delhi
MSP ACT: For the last one year, farmers are agitating on the border of Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced the withdrawal of the Agriculture Act and the legislative process for it will start in Parliament.

Even after this, the farmers are standing on the borders of Delhi. He is talking about making a law regarding Minimum Support Price or MSP. Farmers say that they will get guarantee of their agricultural produce in the form of Minimum Support Price.

Farmers constitute almost two thirds of India’s population and the word MSP is like a lifeline for them. The farmers want that the MSP should be given a legal cloak. The farmers whose livelihood is not dependent on agriculture alone want that the law should not be made on MSP. He also feels that the rights of the farmers should not be legalized.

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food security essential

There is no doubt that farmers do not have enough income, due to which farming families are not able to meet even their basic needs. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set a target of doubling the income of farmers by the year 2022. Minimum Support Price as a policy exists in India for the last 60 years. The Government of India employs many people to fix the MSP to ensure a fixed income to the farmers. There can be no compromise in the matter of India’s freedom in the matter of food and protection from hunger. For this it is necessary that farmers keep doing their farming. Farmers in India feed 138 crore people by doing farming.

Food grains on subsidy to the poor
The population of poor people in India is also very high and their income is not enough that they can buy food grains themselves and fill their stomach. That’s why the government provides food grains to them by giving huge subsidy. Those people actually have the right to eat legally. Legalizing MSP can be a big help to India in its fight against hunger.

No need for large food reserve

The MSP originated in the 1960s, when India needed to strategically create food reserves. Organizations in India do not oppose the Minimum Support Price in principle, but feel that it should be made a law when it is needed to achieve a goal in the national scenario. Even if MSP is applicable for the purchase of the crop, open procurement is not stopped. At present, two lakh crore tonnes of food grains are filled in the godown of the Government of India. Those who do not legalize MSP argue that India does not need to create a reserve of 100 million tonnes of food grains.

Government should help the poor directly

India does not have enough resources to store food grains. Because of this, there is a lot of damage to crops due to rain and rats. The price of agricultural produce in India is not competitive, so the country’s vast food reserve cannot be exported. Those opposing the MSP argue that the Minimum Support Price (MSP) is actually meant to help poor farmers and other methods can be adopted for this. It is expected to cost much less than the MSP. Help can be provided to poor people by directly transferring funds to their bank accounts.

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