What should be the weight of your baby in which month? Know the reasons for which the weight of the child does not increase

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How To Increase Baby Weight?: Many times parents do not even know that at what age their child’s weight should be. If your baby is not gaining weight then here are some reasons why this is happening.

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How To Increase Babies Weight: Women often worry about the health of their children. Especially new mothers are worried about whether their newborn baby is gaining weight properly or not. Many times parents do not even know that at what age their child’s weight should be. In such a situation, parents are troubled by thinking that how to increase the weight of the child in the right way. There can be many reasons for the child not gaining weight properly. Here some are listed for you.

Reasons for not gaining weight of the child. Reasons For Baby Not Gaining Weight

1) less feeding

It is believed that small children, especially children younger than one month, should be fed milk at least three to four times a day. For the proper growth of children, it is necessary to give them adequate feed.

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2) Not breastfeeding properly

If your baby experiences any kind of discomfort during breastfeeding, then the baby may not be interested in breastfeeding. It is important to have the right posture during breastfeeding.

3) Take care of yourself too

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Lactating mothers should also take special care of their diet, otherwise there may be a decrease in milk production. The good food and drink of the mother also affects the growth of the child.

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What should be the weight of the baby? What Should Be The Weight Of The Baby

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) chart, one can expect a weight gain of 30 to 40 grams every day in the first three months. At the same time, the average rate of weight gain between three to six months can be 20 grams per day.

Important tips to increase the weight of the baby. Tips To Increase The Weight Of The Child

1) Eat nutritious food

For the health of the child, first of all you have to take care of your health. Mothers should eat nutritious food and also take care of their comfort. If you remain healthy then only the production of milk will be better and the weight of the child will increase.

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2) Get the feed done on time

Feed your newborn baby from time to time. Even if the baby drinks formula milk, it is necessary to give him milk on time.

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