WhatsApp data of 500 million users in 84 countries leaked for sale on dark web: Report

TechnologyWhatsApp data of 500 million users in 84 countries leaked for sale...
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A report has claimed that WhatsApp data of about 500 million users around the world has been leaked. It is being claimed that now this data is ready for sale on the dark web. At the same time, WhatsApp has rejected this report saying that there is no evidence of data leakage on such a large scale.

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Citing a data sample investigation, Cyber ​​News said that WhatsApp data of over 487 million users from 84 countries was being floated for sale on a hacking community forum. This poster was allegedly shared by an actor. The posters claimed that this included countries such as 45 million Egypt, 35 million Italy, 32 million America, 29 million Saudi Arabia, 20 million France, and Turkey. Along with this, there are 11 million users in the UK, 10 million in Russia and 6 million in India.

It was also claimed in the report that users data from US was being sold for 7 thousand US dollars. While UK data cost $2,500 and Germany $2,000.

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CyberNews claimed that it requested the seller to share a sample of WhatsApp data, after which they verified the data. Which has more than 2 billion monthly active users worldwide. Cybernews claimed that 1097 UK and 817 US samples were also confirmed to be WhatsApp users.

Rejected the news of WhatsApp data leak

Many types of reports have come out on the claim of Cybernews, meanwhile WhatsApp has clarified that there is no evidence of data leakage on such a large scale. The company spokesperson said that the claim written on CyberNews is based on unsubstantiated screenshots. There is no evidence of ‘data leak’ from WhatsApp.”

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At the same time, no official statement has been issued by WhatsApp’s parent company Meta on this matter. This report has come to the fore after a massive data leak from Facebook, in June last year the news of Facebook data leak came to the fore. According to several media reports, the personal data of about 530 million Facebook users was leaked from 106 countries, which the company later fixed in 2019.

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