New Delhi Online Desk. The reins of US power passed to Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday during US President Joe Biden’s colonoscopy. Due to the effect of anesthesia, Biden was not in a position to discharge the constitutional obligations of America. This is the reason why Kamala Harris got this responsibility. This would be the first time in the 250-year history of America, when the power of the country was in the hands of a woman. However, this is not the first time that a US President has transferred his powers to the Vice President. Earlier also the powers of the President have been transferred to the Vice President. What are the meanings of this? How much had his power expanded?

Why did Kamala become so powerful?

1- Pro. Harsh V Pant says that Kamala Harris is currently sitting in the post of US President. She is currently the most powerful woman in the world. As the President of America, he is the Supreme Commander of the US Army. After assuming office, he was handed over a plastic card. This is not a normal card, but it was the launch code of America’s nuclear missiles. Due to the presence of this card, Kamala can order thousands of US missiles to be launched whenever she wants.

2- In order for the President to order missiles, the Missile Launch Officer must prove his identity. This plastic card is useful in this work, which is always with the President. This is the card that makes an American President the most powerful person in the world. With its help, the President can order a nuclear attack. It is often called as biscuit. Kamala can assess the effect of missiles within a few seconds and decide on a nuclear attack. That is, Kamala is capable of taking this decision. He said that the capability of these missiles is so high that in the blink of an eye, it can destroy the entire humanity.

3- In America, these missiles have been deployed very secretly from submarines to the bottom of the mountains. At the behest of the President, she can leave for her mission within a minute. Pro. Pant said that a missile launch officer is deployed for this. He is called the Minuteman. Minutemen can launch missiles within a minute if ordered by the President. Minuteman monitors and monitors the computer at all times. The President can order the launch of nuclear missiles from any other country when there is an attack on America or there is a possibility of attack. He said that if Russia or China launch a missile attack in America, then it will take only half an hour for the American missile to reach these countries from there.

4- Pro. Pant said that the American President always carries a leather briefcase. There is a big reason for this. He said that if the enemy country attacks America with a submarine, then America can be targeted in just 15 minutes. In such a situation, the US President will have very little time to decide whether to launch a nuclear attack. That’s why the US President always has this briefcase. This briefcase is called nuclear football, which is in the news these days.

5- He said that this briefcase contains such machines by which the US President can talk to certain people, including the head of the Strategic Command and the Vice President, so that the decision of a nuclear attack in an emergency can be taken immediately. Not only this, this briefcase also has a page like a cartoon book. In this, the details of the power of nuclear missiles and their effectiveness are kept. Following orders from the President, Minuteman ground-based nuclear attack missiles or submarine-launched missiles are opened with a launch code and prepared for attack.

Big question, can the President take the decision of the attack in a frenzy

The question is whether the US President is free to do so. If the President in his whimsy without any reason orders a nuclear attack, are there any provisions to prevent it? In the US, there is a provision for this that in such a case the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee can refuse to obey this order. However, this has been negligible, as the people working under the President are trained to obey orders. He said that it is true that if a President whimsically orders an attack, it is very difficult to stop it.

Edited By: Ramesh Mishra