Who were the 5 things that Tejashwi focused on?: Fighting and learning from BJP, backward-given the task of strengthening Dalit vote bank

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Tejashwi has to struggle a lot to remove the label of Jungle Raj on Rashtriya Janata Dal. Tejashwi is making the same effort to make RJD a party of A to Z. Even when Tejashwi Yadav started speaking in the RJD’s state council meeting on Wednesday, it was very visible. Tejashwi made five big things in this very important meeting of the party. What are those five things and understand its political significance-

1- Tejashwi said- party workers should not riot anywhere, be in discipline

The word Jungle Raj became popular in Bihar during the RJD regime during the time of Lalu Prasad. The image of the RJD had become that of a party that called for a Bihar bandh, so the shopkeepers did not lift the shutter fearing that the goods of the shop would be looted. People did not leave their homes. People were also afraid of RJD’s rallies, people coming and going in the procession. Such was the fear of hubris. Tejashwi has also seen all these rounds. Now Tejashwi is trying to replace RJD. That’s why Tejashwi likes leaders like Jagdanand who take tough decisions and strictly follow and enforce discipline. In the state council meeting on Wednesday, Tejashwi advised all the workers, including the district presidents, to keep an eye on that no party worker riots. Nothing changes suddenly. Said that the day our government was formed, we voted, the media with BJP mind set was thinking that there will be huddang, there will be huddang … people will be harassed. We thank all the people that there was no fuss. Everyone has to remain in discipline even further.

2. The head of the party in the districts will be the district president

Tejashwi is also fighting with his enemy party BJP and is also taking lessons. He said that if the minister is giving respect to the district president, then it will send a better message. The district president has no value until he gives respect. If you go there with whom you are fighting, you see that even if someone in charge comes, all the ministers of the center stay behind. We have to give more importance to the organization. In the structure of the party, there is neither a minister nor an MLA. MLAs and ministers are members in the organization. No one should feel bad about this. Work to build us into a balancing organization. We had said earlier also that we will prepare a performance based party. Those who are still doing Ganesh parikrama, understand us, it is time. We have got the responsibility on our shoulders and the target of getting the people of the Grand Alliance to win 40 seats in the elections in 2024 will not be achieved unless we give power to the workers living on the ground.

3. Connect the Backward Classes and the Dalits

In Bihar, the OBC vote bank is about 40 per cent and that of the Dalits is about 16 per cent. Tejashwi Yadav wants to combine these two vote banks in RJD’s vote bank. They are trying to make the party a party of EtoZ. Tejashwi said that the work of connecting the poor has to be done. Connecting the marginalized. The last step is to add people. There are poor among Muslims, poor among Hindus. They will connect when your behavior is good. They will join when you leave your chair and make them sit. You go to the villages of the most backward. Go to the tolls of Dalits. Give them respect, then they will join the party. Add all the people. We have to work for everyone. RJD is the first such party in India which started giving reservation in the organisation. If we do not touch the weak people with the chest, then the strength will not come.

4. Put Kabir and Raidas’s photos on all banners

Tejashwi advised the office bearers and workers to be humble. He also gave the example of a big palm tree and said that nothing happens by growing up, one does not get shade. Must be humble. He directed that the party posters must have the photographs of Kabir and Raidas. With this people will remember the words of these two great men.

5. We will fulfill the promise of employment

Tejashwi said that we will fulfill the promise we have made to the people regarding the job. We have started giving jobs in Bihar. Said that we will give 1.5 lakh jobs in the health department. Tejashwi Vidhan Sabha Elections There will hardly be any stage in the election meetings before 2020 and after that, do not forget to say that the question of employment is the biggest question. They surround the BJP on the question of employment. Now there is the question of employment. He said that a lot of work is being done on this.

Political analysts said…

Tejashwi has made his agenda clear. The people who voted for him – Dhruv Kumar, Political Analyst

Political analyst Dhruv Kumar says that Tejashwi has made his agenda clear. He has made it clear on what to focus next in his party. The bottleneck in the Dalit vote bank is the LJP’s vote bank. Tejashwi has woven his fabric by remembering great men like Kabir and Raidas. He also has an eye on the most backward. JDU is considered to be occupying the backward vote bank. Tejashwi wants to tell the people who are afraid of RJD’s Jungle Raj that this is the new RJD. Those who don’t vote for RJD, vote for RJD. Along with the question of employment, they are also paying attention to other things.

Tejashwi wants to strengthen the legs of all types of RJD: Ravi Upadhyay, Political Analyst

Political analyst Ravi Upadhyay says that in his speech, Tejashwi gave the example of BJP. BJP is the strongest party on the basis of organization. Booth and above. Tejashwi wants to take out the elections of 2024 and 2025 by giving the same kind of strength to the RJD. They know very well how politics has become. Even Nitish has been recognized by him as to how he has been hitting back. Jagdanand Singh has been made the state president again only for better performance. Tejashwi is also eyeing the caste equation. People will ask for the account of 30 years in the election. They are already preparing to tell the public. Be it employment issue or other issues Tejashwi is active on it. Tejashwi has said everything in the presence of Lalu. This means that Lalu has consent for all this.

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