Why did Ranveer Brar say in his latest post, ‘Cut Sahi to Dish Sahi’, watch video

IndiaWhy did Ranveer Brar say in his latest post, 'Cut Sahi to...
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Chef Ranveer Brar: Renowned Indian chef Ranveer Brar has shared a secret of fried rice and noodles from his Insta page. Commenting on this post, users recommended him to call Australia MasterChef winner Shashi.

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New Delhi:

Chef Ranveer Brar: Who doesn’t know Indian chef Ranveer Brar. Apart from being a chef, he is also a well-known celebrity. He has been the judge of all the three seasons of TV’s very famous show Mastershape India. People are crazy about Ranveer’s recipe. This is the reason that he has 2.2 million followers on Instagram. Ranveer Brar has posted 6,199 posts so far, which have been liked and commented on by a lot of people. Recently Ranveer Brar has posted a video from his Instagram account.

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The caption of this post is Cut Sahi to Dish Sahi. Yes, in this video this masterchef said that the taste of a dish also depends on the cutting and chopping of vegetables.

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Ranveer Brar is seen explaining the right cut of vegetables in this video. He said, whenever you make fried rice, cut the vegetables like a grain of rice. While making noodles, cut the vegetables lengthwise just like noodles. That’s the trick. In Chinese food, the cuts of the vegetables should match, because if the cuts are of the same size, everything will be cooked together. The one who understood this, solved the problem of eating half the Chinese.

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The chef said in the video, if someone is putting finely chopped vegetables inside the noodles, then the fault is not of the vegetable or the noodle, but of the person who cut the vegetable, who had a knife in his hand.

This post has got 36.7k likes and 124 comments so far. Commenting on this post, many users made various demands. Some asked about a dish and some recommended calling the MasterChef winner.

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Commenting on Ranveer’s post, a user wrote, Sir, you had told me what doran mortar and pestle are called in Hindi in a recipe video, I can’t remember, even after watching a recipe, I can’t find that video. Used to be. Please can you tell me who did you say mortar and pestle? I love this word! And one said, sir aap australia masterchef winner shashi ji ko bulai na plz….as a guest in master chef india…..

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