Why did violence erupt in Peru? After all, for what demands thousands of people have come on the road

WorldWhy did violence erupt in Peru? After all, for what demands...
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Peru has seen the most violence in the last 20 years. More than 40 people have been reported killed in ongoing violence between Peruvian security forces and protesters. Actually the protesters are demanding new elections and accountability of the government.

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Protests had started in the Andean since the beginning of 2022. It all started when a motion to impeach former President Pedro Castillo in Peru’s parliament failed. The latest and deadliest protests began in December 2022, following Castillo’s ouster and arrest. The response of Castillo’s successor, Dina Boluarte, only added fuel to the fire.

On 7 December, then-President Pedro Castillo was impeached by Congress. Many were arrested on corruption charges as well as for the attempted “coup”. Earlier that day, the left-leaning leader’s last-ditch effort to retain power failed when his civilian and military allies deserted him over his attempt to dissolve Congress and gain absolute authority.

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He was replaced by his former vice-president, Dina Boluarte. However, many Peruvians do not consider Boluarte to be a “legitimate” president. They are calling for fresh elections to give Peruvians the right to choose their leader. But Boluarte isn’t ready to quit just yet.

Violence erupted in Peru

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Protests were seen across the country. The worst violence has been reported in Peru’s left-leaning south. For a long time, the largely indigenous sector has been in conflict with the country’s political center. This area is also the tourism center of Peru. Brutal violence has been witnessed in Cusco, known as the gateway to Machu Picchu. Health officials in Cusco said 37 civilians and six police officers were injured after protesters tried to take over the city’s airport.

Human rights groups have alleged the use of undue and excessive force by the Boluaarte government to crush the protests. The army reportedly fired live rounds at the protesting civilians and also dropped smoke bombs from helicopters on the crowd.

Allegations of undue force against protesters have fueled anger against Boluaarte’s government. The protests that began a month ago have turned deadly. According to the AP, official Peruvian figures estimate that 39 civilians were killed in clashes with police and another 7 related to traffic accidents caused by road blockades. At least one police officer has also died. The victims also include non-demonstrators.

declaration of national emergency

On 14 December, the Peruvian government declared a national emergency. The armed forces were given wide freedom to operate and use force. Also a number of fundamental rights including the right to assemble and move freely were suspended.

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