New Delhi, Business Desk. It is very important to check the credit card statement. The statement shows how the customers have used the credit card for the billing time. Experts say that credit card statements also help users to maintain their credit score. One should always read the credit card statement carefully to look for unclear and suspicious transactions. Here are some important things you should check in your credit card statement.

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Transaction Fees

The user should check the charges that come with the credit card bill. Keeping track of credit card details helps users. Sometimes banks charge a fee for spending more than the permissible limit as well as interest on the unpaid amounts.

Credit Limit

Credit card statement shows credit limit availability and total outstanding. The total amount includes all the EMIs that they will have to pay along with the charges levied in the given billing cycle. This suggests the users to pay the total outstanding amount per month to avoid any additional charges.

Reward Balance

The user should use the accumulated reward points before they are exhausted. The credit card statement also summarizes the new offers available on the credit card which can be beneficial in case other details are missed.

change in account

Any changes to the terms and conditions of the credit card agreement can usually be traced to the monthly statement sent, and may be missed if you do not see them.

unrecognized transactions

By reviewing the transaction, the user can identify whether any unrecognized transaction has taken place or not.

Edited By: Nitesh