Why is Nitish Kumar’s governance so lumpy?

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The irony is that the world reputed ‘New York Times’ has also opened a detailed report on how Bihar’s liquor prohibition is benefiting the neighboring states and countries like Nepal, in a way, Nitish Kumar’s liquor ban was opened by Sonu. Pole stamped.

It is said that pictures do not lie, but these days the pictures and videos that are coming from Bihar are all the time “Good Governance Babu” and now with the grace of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Nitish Kumar, who is sitting in the Chief Minister’s chair, exposes the system. Huh. For this, you do not have to do any special research, but only have a cursory glance at the reasons for which the state has been in the headlines during the last ten days.

Nitish Kumar is getting applause on the political front these days because he sent socialist politics and especially Anil Hegde, an old hard worker of his Samata Party and Janata Dal United, to Rajya Sabha for two years. Due to this decision, his opponents have also become his fans. It is certainly a welcome decision and an example of Nitish’s art of showing respect to his workers. It is also true that except for the late King Mahendra, he never gave priority to neither family nor wealth like the Rashtriya Janata Dal in deciding the candidature of the Rajya Sabha, but it is also a fact that during his tenure Nitish, Apart from this, more or less every front, especially in governance and administration, is proving to be laggy as compared to its previous tenure.

An example of this he got to see last Saturday in his village Kalyanbigha on the death anniversary of late wife when 11-year-old child named Sonu exposed not only the education system of the state but also the prohibition of alcohol by saying that his father earned most of his income from alcohol. Drunk to ruin. Since this video of Sonu has gone viral, his story has been viewed by more than 50 million people in different mediums in the last four days, with more than 30 million viewers on Facebook alone and this figure cannot be exaggerated. . Although no special attention was given to Sonu’s story in the traditional media means newspapers, but Nitish is silent on the question raised by Sonu on the education system and social media fighters are exposing him fiercely. His supporters believe that Sonu’s nomination will happen sooner than later, but why does Nitish become silent about the education system?

The irony is that the world-renowned ‘New York Times’ has also opened a way from Sonu’s side by giving a detailed report in Wednesday’s newspaper on how Bihar’s liquor ban is benefiting the neighboring states and countries like Nepal. Kumar’s statement of prohibition was stamped. The truth of Nitish’s prohibition is that the Supreme Court has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with his law. The active role of the police is also not hidden from anyone in the mafia which is active in making it fail and its chief is Nitish Kumar himself for more than the last sixteen years.

Before Sonu’s incident, Bihar was in the headlines due to the leak of the State Public Service Commission’s examination papers all over the country. However, it is being investigated by the State Economic Offenses Unit. This is one of the few police departments where Nitish posts capable officers. But some things are important in its investigation so far, the first one is a block development officer named Jaivardhan Gupta, who was arrested red-handed a few years ago while taking bribe, but the surprising thing is that under Nitish’s rule, he was arrested in this case. Instead of getting punishment, the suspension was freed and the posting was given. Secondly, when the examination was on Sunday, Nitish Kumar transferred district officers of many districts on Saturday, whereas his experience and experienced Indian Administrative Service people around him knew that Bihar Public Service Commission’s nodal officer for examination, district There are officers. The question is, what was Nitish so desperate for and why did he not think it better to be patient? Thirdly, why are the members of Nitish Kumar’s cabinet putting so much pressure on the investigation team to save an IAS officer who is under investigation?

One of the truths of Nitish Kumar who pleads never to compromise in the matter of corruption is that he removed not one, but two Indian Police Service officers posted in Gaya from there in the case of corruption. Then put them on the waiting list for posting and then posted them too. All these decisions are of Nitish’s own. It is a different matter that according to their close relatives, orders for departmental inquiry have now been issued against both those officers. Similarly, now the MLAs of the ally BJP also believe that Nitish Kumar slowed down the investigation against the controversial Vice Chancellors on the pressure of Raj Bhavan and the proof of this is that despite the raids of the Economic Offenses Unit, the chargesheet has not been filed against any Vice Chancellor till date. . Nitish remains silent even on the posting of a suspended officer in the excise department, whereas when news comes in the media, he must have taken cognizance and ordered the senior officers to answer.

You will get an idea of ​​how poor Nitish’s governance system is becoming, from this one incident that the day his government’s Industries Department had come to meet the investors in Delhi, Nitish, who is the head of the state, is inspecting the drains in Patna. were. This is an indicator that they are not very interested in setting up industry or investing in industrialists in their state. However, according to his supporters, when new industries were set up in the state or in Begusarai or Purnia, Nitish himself was present there. That is why these allegations against him are false. Although such spokespersons do not have the answer that even after having a double engine government, Bihar should get special status, why do they still complain to the Prime Minister with their demand letter, which is how cruel the government is. From what he is doing this time, it is a sign of him.

Apart from this, when there was a fire in the third secretariat in Patna, Nitish came to inspect it, but everyone was surprised that why Nitish has repeatedly set fire to the secretariat of the state and that such incident should not happen in future, neither Did not hold any review meeting nor issue any such guideline so that it can be realized that they are serious about such incidents. The most surprising thing is that all the secretariats are located just a few steps away, despite this, during Nitish’s good governance, leave a unit of fire brigade, not even a single vehicle is deployed while the state government spends thousands of crores in construction work. is.

Although one of the main reasons for this weak rule of Nitish, his party is said to be low in numbers because in a democracy everything is done on the basis of that. But it is also true that the BJP does not interfere as much in the work as compared to the Rashtriya Janata Dal, but Nitish himself is losing his interest. For example, if you take the construction of national highways, but fed up with the slow pace, nowadays the Patna High Court has to monitor the construction of major highways on its own. All this only shows that Nitish Kumar may be sitting on the throne but the governance is now becoming lumpy. Nitish also knows this truth, so now he keeps distance from the journalists and makes a mockery of holding a press conference, where questions are also of his choice with his permission. This is the truth of Nitish Kumar and today’s Bihar.

(Manish Kumar is the Executive Editor at NDTV India…)

Disclaimer (Disclaimer): The views expressed in this article are the personal views of the author.


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