Why is the idol of Vishnu imprisoned in 12 locks: In Ujjain, the Parmar period is a thousand years old, a prized idol of Lord Vishnu with four forms, remains guarded for 24 hours

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The religious city of Ujjain is known for its many merits. There are stunning temples and sculptures here. There is one such temple, in which the idol of Lord Vishnu is imprisoned in 12 locks. The reason for this is the preciousness of the idol and its different form. The temple is guarded 24 hours a day. Know the specialty of the four-faced statue of Lord Vishnu…

A priceless statue of four forms is enshrined in the temple named Vishnu Chatushtika, located near the Gadkalika Mata temple in the ancient area of ​​the city. In which these four forms of Lord Vasudeva, Sankarshana, Aniruddha and Pradyumna appear in the same idol. That is why it is called Vishnu Chatushtika.

The sound emanating from the hand on the weapons of the statue –

In this important and multi-valued idol of Lord Vishnu, the sound is emitted by putting hands on the weapons which are made on all the four idols. Archaeological expert Raman Solanki told that Vishnu Chatushtika is under the Archaeological Department of Madhya Pradesh. This priceless precious statue is the heritage of the state from the point of view of archeology. Music emanates from the weapon of a thousand-year-old Paramara period statue.

It is written about the idol on the board outside the temple.

The statue is 15 cm wide and 25 cm high –

The size of the idol is 15 cm wide and 25 cm high. This idol of Lord Vishnu is adorned with Kirit Mukut, Shri Vats, Karna Kundal, Keyur, Cuttack, Valaya, Yagyopavit. Being a rare idol, it is kept imprisoned in 12 locks. To keep it safe, there are always 12 locks on the four doors of the temple. Its gates are opened for visitors only after the permission of the Archaeological Department.

Guards are stationed to protect the idol.

Different weapons in the four idols, different identities of the four –

In the front part is the form of Vasudeva, in whose hands are Varadamudra, Akshamala, Mace, Chakra and conch shell. The idol is in Padmasana. In the form of Sankarsana, there is Varadamudra, Akshamala, arrow, bow and conch. Aniruddha holds Varadamudra, Akshamala, shield, Khadag and conch shell in his hands. This idol is very important from the point of view of craftsmanship and all these weapons emit a melodious sound.

There is a security guard at all times

This statue is under the Madhya Pradesh government and due to the idol being in a secluded habitat, 3 security guards are engaged day and night for its security, who keep surveillance 24 hours. Here the employees of the Department of Archeology Ramesh Hirve, Suresh Sharma, Om Prakash regularly monitor. It has been declared of state importance under the Madhya Pradesh Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act 1964.


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