Why Nandi is seen before Shiva, know the facts here

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Faith: Whenever you have gone to see Lord Shiva, you must have seen Nandi sitting facing him. After all, know the reason for this in this article.

special things

  • Nandi is the biggest devotee of Lord Shiva.
  • Lord Shiva is seen only after Nandi.
  • Nandi is the gatekeeper of Bholenath.

Lord Shiva and Nandi : The worship of Lord Shiva is incomplete without Nandi. Before seeing him, you have to pass through the statue of Nandi. Nandi is considered the gatekeeper of Lord Shiva. Whenever you have gone to see Lord Shiva, you must have seen that she is sitting facing him. Apart from this, you must have seen devotees say their vows in the ear of Nandi in Shiva temple. After all, what is the relationship between Lord Shiva and Nandi (relation between nandi and shiva), we will know this through this article.

Lord Shiva’s favorite Nandi

According to mythology, when there was a fight between the Asuras and the Gods, Lord Shiva drank the poison to protect the world. During this, a few drops of poison had fallen on the earth, which was licked by Nandi. After which Lord Shankar gave him the title of the greatest devotee. At the same time, he said that whoever comes for my darshan will first have to pass through Nandi, since then Nandi lives with him as the gatekeeper of Lord Shiva. This is the reason why Nandi is definitely installed in every Shiva temple, whose face is towards Shiva.

Another meaning of Nandi’s face towards Shiva is that if your body’s attention is towards the soul, then only your character and behavior will be pure. Meaning you have to be clear from mind. You should keep assessing yourself from time to time, so that you can get better. Like Lord Shiva, you should also become a philanthropist. The needy should be helped.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on general assumptions and information. NDTV does not confirm this.)

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