New Delhi, Tech Desk. nothing phone 1 (Nothing Phone 1) The smartphone is launching on July 12. But before the launch, there is a lot of discussion about the phone. Actually this discussion is not happening just like that. Many such features have been given in the phone, which will not be seen in any other smartphone. Simply put, the Nothing Phone 1 will not be just a smartphone, it will come with a lot of fun-loving features along with the phone. Let’s know what are those features-

What is the Glyph interface in Nothing Phone 1?

Nothing Phone 1 There are 5 lighting strips in the back of the smartphone. These lighting strips are made up of 900 LED lights. Meaning 900 LED lights found in the back of the phone will burn in different patterns. These lighting patterns will give details of charging, notifications and call notifications. This feature will be linked to the Glyph interface of the setting page. With this, you will not need to look at the phone’s display for the phone’s notifications.

How will the Glyph interface work?

The Glyph interface setting feature will be given in the Nothing Phone 1 smartphone. This will give a lot of bright lighting in the phone. These lighting patterns can be synced with the ringtone. Different lighting patterns can be used for different contact groups. The same Glyph will be able to customize the interface. Meaning if you do not want the Glypy feature to disturb you during sleep, then you can turn this feature off.


How much percent is the phone charged or how much battery is there in the phone. To know this, the lighting pattern has been given in the rear of the phone. Which will provide information about the charging status. However, it will not be on the entire time during charging. The charging indicator will be issued when the phone is lightly shaken.


During calling in the smartphone, many calling patterns will be given, which users will be able to set according to their own. Along with this, you will get notification from the lighting pattern even when the call is received and the call is rejected.

reverse charging

When you charge any device in the phone during reverse charging, a different lighting pattern will be found.


When you turn on the recording from the rear camera of the phone, all the real lights will be turned on, whose light is quite bright. In such a situation, you will get a great experience of photo or video recording during the night of the phone.

Note About 900 LED lights have been given in the Nothing Phone 1 smartphone, which is quite bright. In such a situation, the question arises that how much will be the battery life of the phone. Also, how long will the smartphone’s battery last on a single charge. At present, this information will be known only at the time of launch of the phone.

Edited By: Saurabh Verma