New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. The winter season is here in full swing and it is believed that winter will increase more in the coming days. With the onset of winter, there are many changes in the body for which it is necessary to prepare the body. It takes some time for the body to adjust to the cold, so people have more health problems at the onset of winter. In winter, the immunity becomes weak, due to which some diseases start bothering. In this situation, we need to prepare our body to adjust according to winter. Here we are telling you about some such foods, by consuming which the effect of cold can be reduced, as well as immunity can also be made strong.

Some foods that keep the body warm in winter


Ghee keeps the body warm in winter. The fat present in ghee dissolves very quickly inside the body, due to which it provides instant heat to the body. The use of ghee in limited quantity prevents the skin from becoming dry and flaky. Ghee is eaten by mixing it with roti, rice, khichdi etc.

Sweet potato:

Sweet potato has the status of a superfood. In many places in India, it is eaten in winter to reduce the effect of cold. It contains high amounts of vitamin A, potassium, fiber and other nutrients.


Amla is the best medicine to increase immunity in winter. Amla is rich in vitamin C, which boosts immunity and reduces the effects of cold. Amla can be consumed by making marmalade, pickle, candy etc.


Dates are especially consumed in winter in the Gulf country. Vitamin A and B are found in abundance in dates. Dates also contain a good amount of phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and fiber. All these nutrients together keep the body warm from inside.


Jaggery is very effective in removing the dust particles trapped inside the throat due to pollution. It gives instant heat to the body in winter. The digestion of carbohydrates present in jaggery takes place very quickly, which provides instant heat to the body and reduces the effect of cold.

Edited By: Shahina Noor