Jewellery, Agencies. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday laid the foundation stone of Asia’s largest and the world’s fourth largest airport at Jewar in Greater Noida. Addressing the public meeting on this occasion, PM Modi said that Jewar Airport will make connectivity easier. It will work to connect Uttar Pradesh with international markets. In his address, the Prime Minister also targeted the previous governments of the Center and the states. He said that after independence, the image of UP was kept in a negative light.

Some parties focused only on the development of the family

Attacking the opposition, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that some political parties in our country have always kept their self-interest paramount. The thinking of these people has focused on their selfishness, only on the development of their own and family, while we walk on the spirit of nation first. Infrastructure development is not a part of politics but a part of national policy for us. We are ensuring that projects do not get stuck or go astray. It is our endeavor to complete the projects within the stipulated time.

Target on former SP government

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also targeted the previous Akhilesh Yadav government in UP. He said that the earlier government in Uttar Pradesh had written a letter to the then central government asking that this project should be closed, but today with the power of the double engine government, we are witnessing the foundation stone laying of the same airport. PM Modi also said that two decades ago the BJP government of UP had dreamed of the Jewar airport project. After that this airport was entangled in the tussle of the governments which were in Delhi and Lucknow for many years.

The previous governments showed false dreams

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the earlier governments kept Uttar Pradesh in deprivation and darkness. The Uttar Pradesh which the previous governments always showed false dreams. Today Uttar Pradesh is not only leaving a national but also an international mark. For the first time after seven decades of independence, Uttar Pradesh has started getting what it has always deserved. Due to the efforts of the government of double engine, today UP is turning into the most connected area of ​​the country. Now Delhi Mumbai Expressway is also going to be ready.

UP leaving international mark

Prime Minister Modi said that after independence, Uttar Pradesh was forced to listen to taunts. Sometimes poverty, sometimes scams, sometimes bad roads and sometimes the taunts of the mafia used to be heard. For the first decades, projects were stuck and others were blamed for it. At present, during the tenure of our double engine government, UP is leaving an international mark. Today it is the double engine government that flights have started from eight airports in UP alone in the last years, while work is going on at some places.

Edited By: Krishna Bihari Singh