New Delhi, IAS. The Taliban capture of Afghanistan was a big event. After this the Afghans had to suffer a lot. There was even heavy loss of life and property. At the same time, new restrictions were imposed from time to time by the Talibani government. Now something like this is happening again. According to the BBC report, women in Afghanistan have been banned from appearing in television dramas under new rules imposed by the Taliban-led government.

“Women journalists and presenters have also been ordered to wear headscarves on screen, although the guidelines do not say what type of cover to use,” the BBC reported. Reporters say some of the rules are vague and subject to interpretation.

The latest set of Taliban guidelines issued to Afghan television channels includes eight new rules. These include banning films deemed to be against Sharia principles or Islamic law and Afghan values, while prohibiting revealing of intimate parts of men’s bodies, the report said.

The report said the Taliban have insisted that foreign films promoting foreign cultural values ​​should not be broadcast. Afghan television channels mostly show foreign dramas with the main female characters. Huzzatullah Mujaddeedi, a member of an organization representing journalists in Afghanistan, said the announcement of the new sanctions was unexpected.

He told the BBC that some of the rules were not practical and if enforced, broadcasters could be forced to shut down. The Taliban’s earlier decision to order girls and young women to stay home from school made Afghanistan the only country in the world to bar half its population from receiving an education. The mayor of the capital, Kabul, has also asked female municipal workers to stay at home, the report said.

Edited By: Nitin Arora