Work will stop for 2 days in Himachal tehsils: Revenue officers will be on leave; Annoyed at not getting the car; Demand to increase promotion quota in HAS

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Services will remain suspended in the Tehsil and Sub Tehsil offices of Himachal for the next two days. Unhappy with the attitude of the state government, revenue officials are going on two-day mass casual leave from tomorrow. Himachal Pradesh Revenue Officers Association has announced this.

It is obvious that due to the strike of about 400 District Revenue Officers, Tehsildars and Naib Tehsildars, they will not be able to do work like Registry, Intkal on Saturday and Monday. Due to this, the residents of the state may have to face problems.

Demand for vehicles to Tehsildars

The Revenue Officers Association is demanding to give vehicles to the Tehsildars for government work. The former Virbhadra government had approved a proposal of the Revenue Department in the cabinet and decided to provide vehicles to the Tehsildars, so that the officers could go to the field in times of disaster or for government work.

The previous government had provided vehicles to more than 10 tehsildars. The rest were to be given in a phased manner, but then there was a change of power in the state. Vehicles were not given to the Tehsildar in the present government. This angered the Himachal Pradesh Revenue Officers Association.

The Revenue Secretary sent the file to the Finance Department several times

It is being claimed that during the tenure of 5 years of the current government, revenue officers have been meeting the Chief Minister, Finance Secretary and Revenue Secretary. The Finance Secretary sent the file to the Finance Department to provide vehicles to the Tehsildars 5 to 6 times, but the Finance Department returns the file every time by raising objections. This has angered the revenue officials.

There is also a demand to increase the promotion quota in HAS

Along with vehicles, the revenue officers are also demanding to increase the promotion quota in HAS, as the revenue officers are getting very less opportunities for promotion.

Decision taken in compulsion: Ghaghata

HL Ghejta, general secretary of the Himachal Revenue Officers Association, said that the association has decided to go on a 2-day mass casual leave under compulsion. Despite their repeated requests, vehicles are not being given to the Tehsildars, which is hampering the government work.

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