Washington, INS. It is going to be two full years since the corona epidemic in the world and even today, the cases of infection coming in large numbers in many countries have raised concern. At the same time, all the countries of the world are now lax on the strictness regarding Corona. According to Johns Hopkins University, the global coronavirus caseload has now topped 238.2 million, while deaths have exceeded 4.85 million and vaccinations in the world have so far exceeded 6.49 billion. In its latest update on Tuesday morning, the University’s Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) informed that the current global caseload, death toll and vaccination count are 23 crore 82 lakh 37 thousand 900, 48 lakh 56 thousand 841 and 6.49 respectively. was Arab.

According to CSSE, the US continues to be the most affected country after registering the world’s highest number of cases and deaths at 44,453,347 and 714,058 respectively. In the case of infection, India ranks second with 3 crore 39 lakh 71 thousand 607 cases.

According to CSSE figures, the other worst-hit countries with over 3 million (30 lakh) cases are Brazil (21,5782,738), UK (8,232,081), Russia (7,687,559), Turkey (7,475,085), France (7,157,206), Iran (5,716,394), Argentina (5,266,275), Spain (4,977,448), Colombia (4,973,325). There are Italy (4,701,832), Germany (4,323,346), Indonesia (4,228,552) and Mexico (3,723,235).

In terms of deaths, Brazil is second after registering 585,846 deaths. At the same time, the countries that have recorded more than one lakh deaths are as follows, Brazil (601,213), India (450,782), Mexico (282,086), Russia (213,522), Peru (199,672), Indonesia (142,716), UK (138,167), Italy (131,355), Colombia (126,655), Iran (122,868), France (117,966) and Argentina (115,491).

Edited By: Nitin Arora