World Sleep Day 2023: These yogasanas can be done to overcome the problem of sleeplessness, you will be able to sleep peacefully

LifestyleWorld Sleep Day 2023: These yogasanas can be done to overcome the...
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World Sleep Day: Many people do not get sleep even after lying in bed for hours. If you also have the same problem, then you can do these yogasanas daily.

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World Sleep Day 2023: With the changing times, many changes are also being seen in the lifestyle of the people. There are many people who are troubled day by day due to problems related to sleep. It also includes sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea and other sleeping disorders. In such a situation, the importance of celebrating World Sleep Day increases even more. World Sleep Day or say World Sleep Day is celebrated every year on the third Friday of March. The purpose of celebrating this day is to throw light on the problems related to sleep and to make people aware of the importance of sleep amidst busy work.
If you also come in the count of those people who have to face difficulties in getting good sleep, then here are some Yoga Asanas which will help you in getting good sleep.

Yoga asanas for good sleep | Yoga Poses For Better Sleep


This asana is also called Happy Pose. You will be able to sleep well if you do Sukhasana daily. To do this asana, sit straight and while keeping both the legs outwards, kick back and forth. After this, keep the feet above both the knees. Now keep the palms on the knees in the posture of meditation and hold this asana while taking a deep breath and exhaling for some time.


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Balasana is very easy to do and doing it daily helps in relieving stress and getting better sleep. To do this asana, sit with both your legs folded. Now keep your head on the ground and keep your hands on the ground while moving from above the head. Hold this pose while stretching the body and then come back to normal posture.


Vajrasana can be done even after eating food. To do this, sit with your knees bent and keep your toes on the ground. Now place both the palms on the knees and hold this pose. Keep in mind that while doing Vajrasana, your back should be straight.

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This asana is somewhat similar to Balasana. To do Shishusana, bend your knees and sit with the toes of your feet towards the back. Now keep the head on the ground in front and keep both hands resting on the ground from both sides of the body at the back. After doing this asana for some time, you will feel easy to sleep.

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