Beijing, ANI. The situation in China has turned into a dictatorship. News agency ANI quoted ‘The Hong Kong Post’ as saying that Chinese citizens are in a sad situation under the rule of President Xi Jinping. He is facing the totalitarian regime of the Communist Party of China which openly rejects judicial independence. According to ‘The Hong Kong Post’, the courts in the communist nation are not held in high esteem. Not only this, China is counted as a country in the world for human rights abuses.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is fully aware that its campaign style justice system flaunts the rule of law. The Chinese Communist Party is also well aware of the inherent dangers of such campaigns. Yet it continues unabated. Recently, Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign claimed the arrest of more than a thousand organized suspected criminals in five provinces within two weeks.

Not only this, a quota system was also established in Shandong province and prosecutors’ offices in each district were asked to settle at least one such case every year. Also accountability was ensured. Over the past three years, police have reportedly busted 2,46,000 cases and prosecutors framed 36,000 charges, implicating many defendants.

The trial courts disposed of 32,900 cases involving 225,500 accused. Although such figures are rarely available in China’s totalitarian regime, but according to some reports on punishment statistics, people of organized criminal gangs or gang-like groups have had much longer sentences than others. Not only this, the confiscation of the properties of convicted people has been an important source of non-tax revenue for many local governments, which exposes the rampant corruption in Xi Jinping’s government.

Edited By: Krishna Bihari Singh