Beijing, ANI. Rumors of President Xi Jinping leaving office are echoing these days on Chinese Internet media due to Corona mismanagement. These speculations started running fast after the recent meeting of the Standing Committee of the Chinese Politburo.

The reason being told for not dealing with the economic slowdown due to Corona

In fact, behind these speculations, a meeting of the Standing Committee of the collective-led Chinese Politburo and a video of a Canadian blogger is being told, which quickly spread before the government censors. According to the blogger, Chinese President Xi Jinping will be forced to break away from the Communist Party unless a major party meeting is held in the latter part of the year. Until then, Prime Minister Li Keqiang can take over in his place.

Chinese President Jinping is suffering from mental illness

On the other hand, there is a discussion in the media that Chinese President Xi Jinping is suffering from brain disease ‘cerebral aneurysm’. According to media reports, he had to be hospitalized at the end of 2021 due to brain disease. The report revealed that Xi Jinping preferred treatment with traditional Chinese medicine, which softens blood vessels and constricts arteries, rather than surgery.

There was speculation about poor health

There has been speculation about Xi’s ill health. The speculation intensified when he avoided meeting foreign leaders during the Beijing Winter Olympics. Earlier in March 2019, during Xi’s visit to Italy, he was having trouble walking, later in France during the same tour he was also seen taking support while trying to sit.

On the other hand, Corona is spreading rapidly again in China. According to the report of the National Health Commission of China, 253 people have been found corona positive in the country in the last 24 hours, out of which 194 have been found only in Shanghai.

21 more deaths from corona in North Korea

In North Korea, bordering China, 21 deaths have been recorded from Corona on Saturday, while 1,74,440 people have been found to be suffering from fever. Due to this, people who do not get vaccinated are feared to be caught by corona.

Edited By: Arun Kumar Singh