Yoga on the relaxing tune of singing balls: The sound emanating from playing metal balls relaxes the brain, also gives great benefits in cancer and arthritis

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200 members of FICCI Ladies Organization (FLOW) Indore Chapter celebrated Yoga Day in a different way. He did yoga to the soothing melody of Bhopal-based sound healer Aarti Sinha. Aarti Sinha is the country’s first certified female sound healer and she plays ceramic and metal balls in such a way that the sound emanating from them relaxes the mind. Regarding this event organized under the title Awakening of Souls with Singing Balls, Flow Chairperson Payal Aggarwal said that almost all the members in Flow are mothers, mostly working. Invited Aarti Sinha from Bhopal to get instant healing and relaxation with yoga. It was a very different experience for all of us.

200 members participated in this session by doing Flow Indore.

This sound raises the brain frequency to 4 to 7 Hz.
Aarti Sinha told that Singing Bol Therapy takes the brain to theta stage by increasing the frequency of our brain waves at 4 to 7 Hz per minute. The brain gets relaxation at this frequency. That’s why it is called sound healing. Sound healing is an integral part of spirituality and is not a modern concept. It is mentioned in history even 500 years ago.

Dr. Aarti Sinha came from Bhopal

Provides benefit even in serious diseases

Along with giving pleasure, its effect has also been seen in cancer and arthritis. This is how my journey started. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at a very young age. I benefited a lot from sound healing and then I started doing this practice.

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