New Delhi, Vibhav Pandey. Yoga is a spontaneous process of nature. It is only due to yoga that it is possible for the mother to come into the womb and bear life. After that, the worldly-yoga begins as soon as one is born. Yoga with family and society paves the way for life and at the end of life, it is also yoga to merge with nature again.

The word ‘Om’ appeared in the form of the three-tier yoga that the sages, hearing the echo of nature, saw in it. This ‘Om’ is the sum of ‘A’, ‘U’ and ‘M’. Coming into existence in the womb, the union of ‘A’, rise after birth ‘U’ and death ‘M’ is also a yoga. The sages reduced the last letter ‘M’ to half because the death of a human is not complete. The five physical body by yoga with the natural substances again merges into the infinite, while the soul remains alive and again comes into the yogic spirit with the new body.

If the natural yoga is also seen, then the element of Kshiti joins with the earth and mixes with the earth, when the fire rises up towards the sky to do yoga with its body sun, then water, with water, air, with air and The sky element becomes in the sum-bhava with zero. If seen in this way, the manifestation of yoga is visible at every step. By adopting the yoga that is happening inside and outside the human body, in regular life, any person can achieve an upward facing life.

From this it appears that yoga is such a divine-boon for man, on the basis of which he himself can move towards Godhood day by day. Exercise or any other kind of physical labor only keeps the body healthy, but yoga and pranayama also makes the mind healthy and strong. Self-confidence increases. An impossible task seems possible. Brahmastra Yoga is the only way to stay healthy and happy in the present times.

Edited By: Ruhee Parvez