New Delhi, Yogini Ekadashi 2022 Vrat Katha: The Ekadashi date falling in the Ashadha Krishna Paksha is known as Yogini Ekadashi. Lord Vishnu is duly worshiped on this day. This time Ekadashi is very special because Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga is being formed on this day. It is believed that keeping a fast along with worshiping on this Ekadashi one gets freedom from all kinds of sins. Along with this, the grace of Lord Vishnu always remains. It is believed that along with worshiping Lord Vishnu, one must recite the Yogini Ekadashi fasting story on this day. By doing this the worship of the person is completed.

Yogini Ekadashi fasting story

This story of Yogini Ekadashi fasting is quite popular. This story was told by Shri Krishna himself at the behest of Yudhishthira. Lord Krishna told Yudhishthira that O king! Listen, I tell you the story of Yogini Ekadashi as described in the Puranas.

Yogini Ekadashi 2022: Worship Lord Vishnu with this method on Yogini Ekadashi, know the auspicious time

Once upon a time there lived a king named Kubera in the heavenly world, he was a devotee of Shiva. He used to worship Shiva regularly every day. He had a gardener named Hem, who brought flowers for worship every day. The gardener had a very beautiful wife named Vishalakshi, on whose beauty the gardener was enamored. One day in the morning Hem Mali plucked flowers from Mansarovar, but after being enamored with his beautiful woman at home, did not reach the king till noon. King Kuber was late for worship. Knowing the reason for the delay, Kuber became very angry and cursed the gardener. Kuber said that you have given priority to sex power over devotion to God, you will fall from heaven and you will suffer the pain of female separation and leprosy on earth.

As a result of the curse of Kubera, the gardener Hem fell on the earth, he got leprosy and his wife also left. Hem endured many sufferings on earth for years. One day he had a vision of Markandeya Rishi. He narrated all his agony to them and asked the way of his atonement. Rishi Markandeya told him about the importance of fasting on Yogini Ekadashi. He said that this Yogini Ekadashi fast dedicated to Lord Vishnu will end all your sins and you will again attain the heavenly world by the grace of God. Hem, the gardener kept the fast of Yogini Ekadashi with full devotion. Lord Vishnu forgave all his sins and gave him a place in heaven again.

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