New Delhi, Brand Desk. Investing is something that takes effect quickly and when it comes to investing, emotions play an important role. For example, when people hear about investment made by their friend, neighbor or relative, they also rush to invest. But it’s not like your experience in investing is the same as his. The big trouble for the weak-hearted is that it will be difficult for them to see the investment and the risk of losing everything together.

Against this background, when one hears stories of successful investors who have consistently made money from the market, the confidence of the losing investor falls further. While sprinkling salt on this wound, many experts begin to talk about Warren Buffett’s first law of investing. This is the first rule – never let your money be lost and the second rule is never forget the first rule.

Never losing money in investing is a dream that we would always like to see come true. But it is an impossible thing for anyone to never lose money in the market. To address the problem of weak investor confidence and draw inspiration from Mr. Buffett’s first rule, ET Money etmoney Genius is launched. ET Money Genius is a time tested and emotion-free investment solution. This investment solution has been designed on the same principle that when the market is down, you should make minimum losses and when the market is up, you should make maximum profits.

all-weather winning formula

To understand the makings of ET Money Genius, it is important to understand what it means to beat the market. This benchmark concept helps us to measure the performance of an investment. It is also important when evaluating the performance of investments. Therefore, often when someone says that they have beaten the market, they are referring to a standard benchmark against which their investment has outperformed.

ET Money Genius Portfolio aims to beat its respective benchmark over a given investment period based on an investment strategy. Thus, when the market falls, the Genius Portfolio will aim to underperform the respective benchmark. On the other hand, when the market is bullish, the objective is to outperform the benchmark. Thus, when the market falls, the losses are small and when the market rises, the profits are high. This is our modified and more practical solution to apply Mr. Buffett’s Law to any market position without any emotional bias.

ET Money Genius addresses many concerns of investors. But importantly, it allays investors’ concerns about market volatility. ET Money Genius saves investors from making hasty decisions in a falling market, which are not right for their long term goals. Previously tested portfolio models provide ample evidence of success in any market situation. Moreover, the ET Money genius engine works hard and does not buy blindly in the fall. It buys only when the valuation is low and attractive. Similarly, when the market goes up, it does not sell blindly. It sells when the stocks are overvalued.

Importantly, there is no risk of emotionally charged decisions here, as eMoney Genius builds the portfolio with strict discipline and good management. This is done by adopting dynamic asset allocation and re-balancing techniques, which have been proven time and again over a long period of time in ensuring successful investments.

etmoney Genius Portfolios are suitable for all investors’ financial goals and risk profiles. This makes the investors highly customized. A proven performance track record in various market conditions acts as a confidence booster for an investor, so that he/she can continue investing to achieve financial goals. It causes minimum loss to the investors and helps them to earn maximum profits.

(Note: This article is written by Brand Desk.)

Edited By: Ashish Deep