Youth Day: These 5 options for youth choosing different careers, earn money and respect by becoming a biochemist to aeronautical engineering

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Gone are the days when every youth wanted to become a doctor or engineer. Now with time, different and new career options are proving to be the first choice of the youth. Through these options, while many job opportunities are available in our country, on the other hand high package jobs are also available in foreign countries. Have a look at five such career options for youth on Youth Day:

Career Scope in Food Technology

  • As organic chemists, food technologists provide information and advice on the methods by which raw food items are converted into processed food.
  • As biochemists, they suggest ways to improve the flavor, texture, storage and quality of food items.
  • As home economists, they specialize in dietetics and nutrition and test foods and their recipes according to the instructions on the containers.
  • As engineers, these people work in planning, designing, improving and maintaining processing systems.
  • As research scientists, they conduct various experiments to improve the taste, nutritional value and general acceptability of packaged food products.
  • As managers and accountants, these professionals manage the administration and finances, in addition to supervising processing functions.


The field of Biotechnology is developing at a very fast pace and there is no dearth of opportunities for the students pursuing Diploma/B.Tech/M.Tech or Doctoral degree in Biotechnology. Be it a private sector or a government job, Biotech candidates can find excellent job profiles in various companies.

Career Scope in Biotechnology

1. Clinical Laboratory Technician

2. Biological Supplies Manufacturer

3. Environmental Technician

4. Food Safety Technician

5. Pharmaceutical Research Technician

marketing management courses

Students making their career in the field of marketing management have to develop certain skills which students can acquire with a little hard work. Marketers give more importance to candidates with good communication skills so that they can easily impress the customers with their words.

marketing management courses Career Scope of

Marketing professionals always have the opportunity to work in big brand companies like Bharti Airtel, Hindustan Unilever, Sony India and PepsiCo etc. As their experience increases, more opportunities are available to work in a bigger brand. There are few companies in India that offer unconditional jobs to experienced and professionally smart marketing managers.

aeronautical engineers

Aeronautical engineers work in the design, research, and production of aircraft, aerospace equipment, spacecraft, satellites, and missiles. The tasks of these engineers include research and development work, testing, parts assembly and maintenance work of aircraft and missiles.

Some aeronautic engineers specialize in the study of the effects of aircraft on the environment, potential risks of new aircraft technologies, and fuel efficiency related topics. Under aeronautical engineering, one can also focus on designing aircraft systems and this work is also known as avionics.

Job Profile of Aeronautical Engineers

Aeronautical Engineers also work in the development and design of supersonic jets, helicopters, space shuttles, satellites and extraordinary technologies related to rocket search and selection.

Infrastructure & Real-estate

If you have the desire and passion to earn more money and can guide a team of builders, consultants, laborers and site managers by working hard 24 hours a day, then the infrastructure and real estate sector is for you.

As a builder, you have to buy cement, lime masala, bricks and other raw materials and fix the laborers and architects. The builder’s job is also to make the old, mortgaged and disputed land, plot or house legally valid and make it salable. To make this task easier, websites such as, and are providing the facility to buy and sell properties across the country.

India’s top ten real-estate companies include Ambuja Realty Group, DLF Buildings, Sun City Projects, Merlin Groups and Magic Bricks.


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